Being open to new things is important. While the main course of spiritual work will be what has worked for thousands of years, there are opportunities for personal improvements. What I describe here (using a HRV device) is a personal choice, and it may not apply to everyone.

Self Monitoring

There are many biofeedback choices out there. Devices that read brain waves, read heart rhythms, galvanic skin response, or a combination of these. The idea behind biofeedback, is in monitoring the energy patterns of these biological changes, a person can an instant response to minor differences in their thoughts or energy.

I’ll give a past example of biofeedback. Many years ago I was once a Scientologist and while I am no longer a member, I will attest to the use of the e-meter. The e-meter is a device Scientologists use to ascertain subtle psychological disturbances. These disturbances can be so subtle that a person doesn’t even know they are happening. It can be subtle forms of stress, resistance, anger, boredom or other feelings. When I first stepped into a Scientology building, I was put on a demonstration of the e-meter and certainly it seemed to work. As the operator asked me to pinch myself, or think of a painful memory, the needle spiked. But I didn’t trust him, he was after all operating the controls. Perhaps he turned a dial forcing the needle to spike. While he was distracted, talking with my wife, I kept the meter in hand and thought of something painful, and the needle began to pump up higher and higher, until it was pegging. This intrigued me.

Why this intrigued me is that despite spiritual work and meditation, it is very hard to cut through ego and mind chatter. The ego has a role of trying to make sense of the senseless. When images form, our thoughts from the superconscious states of mind, it will attempt to piece them together in its own way. Sometimes it pulls into a memory, or you hit a resistance that deflects from going forward. It’s so subtle that I didn’t know the distraction even occurred.

HeartMath InnerBalance

I started using HeartMath’s InnerBalance to help with my issues of stress. My anxiety and stress related issues were getting worse and I felt this device would help me recognize my triggers and then work through them. It did that, but more.

The InnerBalance app would sound a tone for three states of coherence. A high tone for high coherence, a medium tone for average coherence, and a low tone for out of coherence. I began to find a way to use this to determine my own spiritual work being valid to itself.

When my ego gets in the way, the thoughts are triggered and it pulls me out of coherence. When my mind goes to superconsciousness, or to the depth of feeling, then I’m in high coherence.

I don’t need to look at the device, as the InnerBalance app sounds a tone. Sitting, standing, eyes open, eyes closed, I know when I’m in coherence by just listening.

Examples of InnerBalance in Spiritual Work

One example of using InnerBalance was in a session I had. I was deep in communion with what I call Creator. Creator (via superconscious thought) asks me to open the heart using a strong feeling of love. This is a reoccurring practice of my work.

The thoughts from Creator ring High tone (in coherence), so I take that to mean that my ego is most likely not being involved in distracting thought.

I then brought up a memory of my daughter as a child. But the app rang “low coherence.” How could that be? It occurred to me that I wasn’t feeling the sensation, I was thinking about it. I was caught up in the memory itself.

As I tuned into the feeling of love, that was part of the memory, I felt it as a tangible feeling and I slipped into High Tone / coherence. I was able to hold onto the feeling, and identify it. With the help of the this HRV device I was able to distinguish subtle distractions and resistances, cutting to the core of what was asked and given.

What I Use

I’ve used different biofeedback systems in the past, such as iOM and while I haven’t attempted the brainwave concepts (such as Muse), I chose to use something very effective and in a good price range.

For me, iOM had many issues. The device I bought, they later scrapped and refused to continue to support. That led me to finding a different company, a company who had been around for a longer time, and that’s why I discovered HeartMath.

You can read more about HeartMath devices from their main website:

Is it right for you? Well that’s a personal decision. It’s very important for me. Without a device to sense inner resistance, you have to master subtitles of deep meditation states. You have to become a master of your own mind, sensing those subtle differences between ego, distractions and inner resistance. It may seem easy to spot these things, but it’s very challenging. I hit points where I think I’m doing the process correctly, but in fact I’m distracted. A thought appears, but is it superconsciousness? Or is it a product of my own creation (a subconscious ego manifestation)?

HeartMath offers a quick path to that. You could use something else, but the key for me is to be in control of it. While there are guided meditation and processes from HeartMath, you can use your own system and self-analysis.

My personal path is one of being in control. Separate from masters, gurus and dogmas, I seek my own answers. Without someone to bounce ideas off of, I gain freedom but I can become the victim of my own ego. Biofeedback solutions allow me to spot when my body is influencing my thoughts, and when my superconsciousness is driving the flow. This is essential for a path like mine.

There are many devices out there. What I look for is a company that’s established. I don’t want a repeat of what happened with WildDivine’s IOM (where they were bought out and cut off all software updates for their prior equipment). I also look for devices that have applications giving instant feedback, both visually and in audible tone. The feedback needs to be as close to instant as possible. Cost wise, I’m looking for something affordable, $100-$150. That led me to HeartMath’s InnerBalance.


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