The whole intent with this blog is about the atonement and identification with the True Self. In my own personal practice, I believe I found that personal Self – that expansive state of being that fills my entire Universe. It’s not easy to put into words and to do so does it a disservice.

I came across the Hell Fire Club a few years ago. While I am not a member of the organization at this time, from what I can tell this group is based on similar spiritual principals of finding the True Self. What I would like to share with the reader is a practice from their public information. The practice is called The Chalice of Being and it relates to a spiritual process of opening to the current of the order itself.

The Chalice of Being

I don’t have the right to post the content of the spiritual practice, but you can read it for yourself through this link to the source. What I wanted to write about is how I found the practice and what results came through for me.

The other night I wanted to attempt to reach out to the spiritual current of the organization, so in the darkness of my space I reached my arms out and went along with the visualization. The process is simple enough. Adding my intent to express from my greatest understanding of Self, I went through the process… and then to bed.

I had a dream a few hours later. In the dream I was trying to get “home.” But not only that, I saw these other people. Some were pilots, others were driving … while they each looked differently I recognized each one to be versions of me. Each was trying to get “home.” I put “home” in quotes because it wasn’t a literal home, it was more than a place and more like an experience.

I woke up remembering the dream, writing it down, and I’ve thought about it more and more. Those versions of me were aspects of my nature – each becoming One with the eternal Source – that True Self.

After that dream I got up, cleared my head and repeated the Chalice of Being. Three hours later I awoke with another dream. In this dream I won’t describe the details but skip to the meaning. The second dream had two cases of fear. In the first case fear saved me from a mistake. But in the second case, fear was a complete illusion, clouding my judgement.


The point of this little article is that there may be something very deep in the well of The Hell Fire Club. I know most hear the name and think of the blasphemy and antics they engaged in, and yet when I look at the modern affiliation I can’t help but see something very deep. From their public information it seems to be a group without dogma, seeking truth at the Individual level for the attainment of the Highest Potential of the True Self.

When I applied the public practices, I found this to be a powerful and insightful system.


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