Don’t invite the foolish in to a discussion. This is unwise as it pulls you down into your limited, lower self. The idea here is that if you engage a discussion, especially online, that is heated or worse yet based on the ephemeral (politics, entertainment) your conversation can be triggered at any time.

Anytime in the future, someone may come along and reply an asinine comment, just to trigger you. For this reason there is hardly a good enough reason to ever engage in public discussion online.

As for fools in your presence, you may educate someone who is foolish, but often they will only frustrate. A fool is not someone who simply doesn’t know. Someone who is unaware of data is no fool. A fool is someone who will not accept a reasonable conclusion, in favor of an emotional foregone conclusion. There is no reasoning with such people. The moment you feel this is the case, do what you can to exit the conversation.

Extricating yourself may not be enough, if you’re like me, you’ll play the scenario out in your mind over and over. You’ll ponder how someone could be so unreasonable. This is a waste of time and it will again, pull you back to your skin.

Time must be taken to also remove yourself internally from the conversation. Meditation, or mindful awareness are good practices. Affirmations, such as, “I let go of this limited sense of self that keeps [doing whatever it is you’re doing]… and I embrace my unlimited aspect of Self.”

Once complete, and free of the situation, attempt to not get pulled into such wastes of time in the future. These are traps and they are put here to ensure us back into the skin and flesh of our limitation. These traps are everywhere, thanks to the invention of social media. Every few hours you may get notifications of some frustrating comment or bit of news. You must let this go. This is only there to ensnare you. This is a test. Rise above it, and most of all, do not invite the foolish in to your sacred spaces.


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