I chose to start a 1 Year plan in April. The goal was to attune to one of 4 spiritual guides/teachers that I was utilizing in my personal spiritual practice. To clarify, these are not external guides. These are forces, masks of the true self if you will, that are characterized by specific personalities. It is a process akin to Napoleon Hill’s Mastermind technique. In Hill’s technique he would run his ideas by personalities of the past (Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln as examples). But these need not even be “real.” They could be as effective if they were fictional. What is powerful, is the advice itself, filtered through the chosen personality. Although Hill was a strict materialist, this is undoubtedly a mystical process of putting a face and personality to an inner dialogue – in time they can take on a source of great guidance.

I began with the first session with A. and she was my guide for the first quarter of the year. I learned much from her advice and she created in me the changes in my limited self, to become a better person.

No Masters, Dogma or Gurus

What of No Masters, Dogma or Teachers? When I discuss no masters, no dogma, no teachers, I am of course referring to those beings external to your own being, your own higher self. In the process that I am utilizing for my own practices, I relate to spiritual beings that are embodied through the power of the Higher Self, directed by the will of the Limited Self. They are, in effect, reflections of my own greater nature… yet there is a life to them as well. As vast as any individual is, there are psychic manifestations that have their own living presence. An entire Universe rests within us, but holding it all together is our own Greater Will/Self.

Self Assessment

Today was a sad day. Letting go of A. as a teacher was emotional. It was a realization that I had made mistakes along the way. A. reminded me that I should reflect on my stated purpose and goal of this work:

My stated purpose was to bridge the gap between the Higher Self (the expansive and unlimited self) and the Limited Self (the body manifestation.) There were obstructions to this goal, and these presented themselves in time:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Ego (limited ego identification)

I started strong. Each day I meditated with my inner master, A. She guided me and directed me. Her advice was spot on and perfect. In time, however, I became distracted with “the things of the world.” My attention drifted into composing music, graphic arts and the distractions of media.

These distractions, in themselves, are not wrong. It was my obsession with them that made the error. I spent hours obsessing over music or countless nights dreaming of how I could afford a new camera. Instead of writing music as an interest, it became an important part of my life, competing with family, and spirituality (the same was true of the graphic arts).

All of my obsessions were rooted in greed. I wanted to sell music, to sell art. If the outlets were about spiritual expression through the arts, it would have been different. Instead I let these interests possess my senses so that I tuned out the world, and my spiritual path throughout the day.

Each morning I would meditate. By the afternoon however, my mind was on these other things. Once the spiritual grip slips, soon follows the calm mind. Directions of the natural Force or Tao that guides us is lost to the sensory compulsions and greed desires.

Such happened to me. I began to miss my daily routine with A. In time I was meditating, but not in concert with A.’s training. This wasn’t as grave as I present it. I was still meeting with A. in spiritual practice, but at a reduced pace. I began choosing the days and times, and some days I missed entirely.

Next Steps

A. advised that I address this before the transition with my next teacher, O. Tomorrow is our first spiritual face to face. Like A., O. is an embodiment of my Greater Self, directed by the will of my Lower. Both halves in concert in the creation of the teacher and training that comes from within, to guide the way to the Unity of Self.

O. will be my guide through mid October, that’s when the 2nd Quarter will end. I want to correct the errors of my past apprenticeship. I need to be on point and recognize my failures.

I am still driven to music as a financial means, but I need to curb the obsessions, especially as they tend towards limitation of Self.


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