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Gnosis, being personal direct experience of wisdom and truth, is experienced through Individual effort. It is neither conferred nor given by another. Although my bias and opinion, I believe that books, teachers, and masters can all inspire the aspirant towards inner growth but can never in themselves produce gnosis.

When an organization demands that each person submits to the leadership and their view of proper gnosis, Individuals lose their spiritual path in favor of a dogmatic discipline. Even if the individual agrees with the decree, the danger is that their choice is removed from the process.

Recently I heard about an organization that made strict requirements on the membership, including the requirement they leave any faith they currently adhere to. In other words, if you follow your own path of mystical insight, and someone comes along and tells you, “that’s not accurate, you need to do it this other way,” then the loss is the aspirants.

Group gnosis, is not actually gnosis. Instead it is dogma and at times an egregore.

Personal gnosis, I believe, must come from within. The insights one gains can be guided by another, but when the other dictates what you wear, whom you live with, where you live, or how you do business, then you are choosing a path of another’s gnosis.


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