Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels
Gnosis, being personal direct experience of wisdom and truth, is experienced through Individual effort. It is neither conferred nor given […]
It is never comfortable to be humbled. Lately I’ve been humbled at the hands of many. As I get old, […]
This morning I sat in silence waiting on the Higher Self to engage me. It wasn’t long before a question […]
For those who are seeking answers (not willing to trust themselves for their own truth), I want to make an […]
While I prefer to come to my own conclusions (avoiding the trap of dogma and guru relationships), I have met […]
Only speak to those things you have personally experienced. This requires some flushing out. What is meant by this precept, […]
What doesn’t feed the Soul, let it go. In life, there are distractions to our inner unity with Self. Sometimes […]
The path to the True Self is somewhat outlined in the article on Individuality (linked below this paragraph). It begins […]
No masters. No gurus. By this, I mean that one should not be led by the nose into what to […]
Perhaps the greatest misunderstanding is the concept of Self. Many religions and spiritual groups have misunderstood this concept. This has […]