I was looking at the book, New Dimensions for the Cube of Space, by David Allen Hulse. It’s a reference […]
The first 3 verses of Mabel Collin’s work, The Light on the Path, opens with the kill commands. These commands […]
Light on the Path, by Mabel Collins is a fantastic work. I recently came across this work and found that […]
In the work of Theurgy there is a system of evocation (or invocation) of entities. These beings are described in […]
My first introduction to Qabalah was around the year 2005, through the works of a Hermetic initiatory order. The Qabalah […]
“All things have their place in the universe, whether it is active or passive, moving or not moving. They fulfill […]
You may have noticed, as I have, that when you monitor your HRV and Coherence, that it tends to drop […]
This morning I sat in silence waiting on the Higher Self to engage me. It wasn’t long before a question […]
I was working with something new this morning. Early in the morning, still a bit tired, I woke up to […]
What follows is not medical advice, but my own personal observations. My oldest son is sometimes a handful. Even at […]