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In meditation the other day, it dawned on me that there are two types of reflection. By reflection I mean […]
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Gnosis, being personal direct experience of wisdom and truth, is experienced through Individual effort. It is neither conferred nor given […]
There have been times where I debated the existence of karma. At one time I thought it was the work […]
So often, politics is a destroyer of spiritual direction. It’s such a dangerous topic that I rarely discuss it, except […]
Have you ever felt you were backhanded repeatedly? It’s quite humbling. The Article I’ve asked the Universe and my spiritual […]
Spoiler Warning If you haven’t seen the series Squid Game you may want to skip this article, as it reveals […]
When it comes to the topic of self transformation, I find that the greatest ally I have, are often the […]
Yesterday I was reviewing some online content about Martinism and the Elus Cohen. I was watching a video produced by […]
The Greek gnosis is more than conventional wisdom. It declares something as truly understood, and to truly understand something one […]
In different spiritual paradigms there is an idea where one is emptied of “self” so that something greater can fill […]