Yesterday I was reviewing some online content about Martinism and the Elus Cohen. I was watching a video produced by a rather substantial organization. The video had some really interesting content. Sadly, as with most things, there was a fly in the ointment.

The speaker was talking about the degrees within Elus Cohen and what they represent. The third degree (I believe it was the third) represented a state of union with the Higher Self, or Holy Guardian Angel. That’s a fantastic and wonderful idea, until I heard him finish the sentence with, “this is a state to aspire to, but never realize.”

Never realize? You have set a barrier in your mind where you will aspire for Oneness of Self (of the Holy Guardian Angel), but never realize it? How utterly sad.

Going back to my early precepts with my own Higher Self, I am reminded of Precept #3 (“The Mind is Limited only By Belief”), which I wrote a bit about in the article below:

If you assert to yourself (or worse yet, to others who believe you) that something isn’t possible, then that barrier is solidified in yourself (or others.)

The one thing you can achieve is union with the Higher Self. The speaker in that video used the terminology of Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel, which tends to reference Crowley (although he could be going back to Abramelin or even further). In both cases there is an idea of achievement. Crowley’s Liber LXV (a pivotal work for the A.’.A.’.) points to this union indirectly.

In my own personal work, I’ve had this union (although briefly), so I know it is possible.

From other traditions, such as the Eastern, this would be the foundations of Enlightenment – this again is a doable state, as every Mahayana Buddhist is seeking to become a Buddha.

It isn’t just this speaker who has this problem. I’ve come across a variety of modern occultists and magicians who lack belief in magic. They think magic is strictly psychological… for them it is merely NLP. They inhale a scent, look at an image or color and program their subconscious with some intent. This intent works itself through their daily lives, perhaps giving them confidence or an edge in an interview. It’s such a limited view of magic! Magic is far deeper and greater than this. People have helped others residing in different countries, with magic and certainly that isn’t NLP.

Where Limitations Come From

One danger of an order, is when you are given a title, and believe it corresponds to spiritual attainment… one is moved into that role not for spiritual attainment but for mundane needs. Then one wonders, “I’m this Level 3 such and such, I should have union with the Greater Entity, but I don’t…” they conclude then that the problem isn’t them, but with the directive. It’s like chasing a rainbow… a goal never realized.

This is a danger of strong ideological thinking. One must consider that their mundane title of attainment does not necessarily equate to spiritual attainment. An “adept” of the Golden Dawn, isn’t necessarily a true Adept. A neophyte of an order could be enlightened, while the Grand Master might be entirely mundane.

Once disconnected from titles of attainment, then one isn’t perhaps as caught in this problem.


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