The Greek gnosis is more than conventional wisdom. It declares something as truly understood, and to truly understand something one […]
In different spiritual paradigms there is an idea where one is emptied of “self” so that something greater can fill […]
Take a look at social media today. It’s in a state that pits one person against another, and the emotions […]
Considering the duality of spiritual paths Benefits are found in both the Right and Left hand path’s of spirituality, but […]
There is certainly a relationship between fear and desire. In my own life I’ve found that the one begets the […]
The whole intent with this blog is about the atonement and identification with the True Self. In my own personal […]
Every culture has a base desire for propagation. Without this desire populations would die. There is however an aberration where […]
While I try and avoid social media, I found myself wondering into a Buddhist center’s feed and there in one […]
Only through enduring what other people are unable to endure is one then able to obtain what other people are […]
It is never comfortable to be humbled. Lately I’ve been humbled at the hands of many. As I get old, […]