More than your body, greater than all limitation, is the True Self, infinite in nature.

No dogma. No guru. The inward path is a way to gnosis and spiritual awareness.


Quietude is the gate that guide the aspirant to inner truth by silencing the limited ego. 


Spiritual effort is required.  Through spiritual practices one is made manifest into their powerful Self.

The Pillars of the Process

Reason, Quieting the mind, Spiritual Practice, Mindfulness, Internalization and Letting Go of waste – these assist with Gnosis.

Philosophical Reason

While the philosophical ideologies are a great starting point, one should reason on their own, to their own conclusions.

Quiet Mind

Through silence of thoughts, observation of self, and surrounding reality reveals the True Nature of all things.

Spiritual Effort

The writ of practice is paramount.  Whether one chooses daily ritual, ceremony, mantra or some other practice, it will focus the mind to a greater end.


As much as possible, the I strive to remain the continuous observer, mindful of every breath, every state of change.


Observation and mindfulness should be internalized.  What is going on around us, is a reflection of what is within, or needs to be dealt with.

Letting Go

Contemplation of what holds us back from our greatest potential (the True Self), will show those areas of our lives that need to be dealt with, or those things that need to be removed.

Great Quotes

Inspiration can be found from the thoughts of others

Therefore let the wise one strive after Freedom, giving up all longing for sensual self-indulgence; approaching the good, great Teacher (the Higher Self), with soul intent on the object of the teaching.


The pupil must be able to make a daily practice of this dying, in order to achieve the resurrection of the heavenly systems of vehicles. It will then be just as easy for the candidate who sees this point to answer the question: how are the dead raised? (Dei Gloria Intacta)

J. Van Rijckenborgh

The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The unnamable is the eternally real. Naming is the origin of all particular things. (Stephen Mitchell translation of Lao Tzu’s ‘Tao Te Ching’)

Lao Tzu

…the Gnosis practice is always the result of a state of consciousness….  When your consciousness draws your attention to a particular object and makes you see it as right, it may be that all theorists tell you: “Please do not go that way”. But your consciousness places you before it and so you turn your consciousness into a state of life. (The Gnosis in Present Day Manifestation pg. 24)

J. Van Rijckenborgh

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